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Pretty sure Bolt is a scammer

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Username: bolt

Told me he had a new match for sale. Keeps sending me pictures of 1911s, doesn't even know the difference. Just joined on the 16th, everyone beware!
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I second this. Just got a PM from bolt: "i have one HK P7M10 P7 M10 Nickel or Blue for sell".

I'm guessing "i have one (your WTB ad) for sell" is the line.
Yep same ole song and dance! Ban him!
bolt resurfaced as AKGUN. Banned.

People... If you get a PM from a zero post, just signed up member... Give me a heads up and do NOT send them money!
Thanks straightgrain...I will do that from now on
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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