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Pretty sure Bolt is a scammer

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Username: bolt

Told me he had a new match for sale. Keeps sending me pictures of 1911s, doesn't even know the difference. Just joined on the 16th, everyone beware!
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Same here, about the HK45 Sand that I was looking to buy. If he had actually read my post he would have seen that I already purchased one. He is also asking for my email so he can send pics rather than post them to the site.
In all fairness, sometimes its alot easier to text/email pics, especially if your smartphone is your camera. I have problems all the time with photobucket and imgur while trying to upload things there from my phone to host images. I actually just email myself the photos and do from desktop now, but the whole "email or text pics" things is pretty common. I dont think thats a tell-tale sign of a scammer. This guy seems pretty obvious though.
Okay, I have never tried to upload pics from my phone to the site. Thanks for the hand slap!:90:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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