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price check- kf date code usp .45

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im in the process of working out a deal to buy a kf date code usp 45, and am curious what a fair price would be? from pics i have seen pistol looks to be in great shape but i would like some ammo to keep him from raking me over the coals on the sale. thanks
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thanks for the reply, but the other party and i decided we cant agree. i was going to trade my 1911 for his usp and he was asking for $200 plus my pistol that included 4 mags, 3 sets of grips 3 holsters and factory night sights. his included 2 mags and the case and 1 holster... i then pointed out the msrp difference in my favor which he did not like.. oh well, i still love my 1911 and still get to shoot it. probably wait til i get my taxes back and go get a tactical 45.
its a springfield lightweight champion (px9149lp) that is in awesome shape. when he first contacted me, he sent a pic of a usp 45 with tactical sights, so thats what i thought he was offering.. turns out thats not the case. when i asked to see a detail pic of the sights he sent one of standard white sights
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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