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price check- kf date code usp .45

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im in the process of working out a deal to buy a kf date code usp 45, and am curious what a fair price would be? from pics i have seen pistol looks to be in great shape but i would like some ammo to keep him from raking me over the coals on the sale. thanks
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Depends on a bunch of stuff: roundcount, condition, sights (are they tritium night-sights or regular white-dots), age of night-sights (they only last ten years), number of mags, capacity of mags, stainless or black, does it have the original case, fired casing, manual, HK padlock.

But generally speaking, between $450 and $700.

Give us ALL the details and we can narrow down the price range for you. Sharp pictures wouldn't hurt either!
thanks for the reply, but the other party and i decided we cant agree. . . probably wait til i get my taxes back and go get a tactical 45.
Good for you. . . The fullsize USP Tactical 45 is actually my favorite HK pistol (I've got two). It is very much the same as the standard fullsize USP 45 (I've got one of those in stainless), only they kicked it up a notch!

I met a guy who wanted to sell me his well-used older USP Compact 40. I wanted the gun, but he was really stuck on ridiculous numbers. It had most of the finish sanded off the slide down to bare white metal, didn't have the case, the manual, or anything else that came with it, and only had one low-capacity (10-round) mag that was chewed-up even worse than the gun, and looked like it was falling apart. The gun was a mess. He was absolutely firm at about $90 off of the price of a brand-new one with two hi-cap mags. . . and even at that price, he was acting like I would have been stealing from him. I think it was because his entire scope of knowledge about the value was based on absurdly high-priced local gun stores that were asking even more than full list price for them, plus tax. Even when I showed him that I could buy it elsewhere at reasonable prices, and that I was going to have to get the slide refinished, he hardly budged, and openly accused me of trying to take advantage of him. . .

If a deal works for both the buyer and the seller, that's great. But ya gotta know when to just walk away gracefully.
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