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Price Check on HK Rifle Accessories

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Cleaning up in the shop and thinking that maybe a few items that have extras and/or have not been out since before Y2K might need to find a new home some day ... then again could always use another belt gun (this will take a lot of cleaning ;-).

Items for a price check:
- SG1 stock (308)
- MSG90A1 stock (TD conversion of MSG90)
- PSG1 trigger pack and grip (complete trigger housing*)
- Heavy buffers - HK
- HK scope mount for SG1 (?) - claw mount with front ring offset foward (30mm)
- HK X4 power scope in green case - $400?
- FMP (?) HK91 parts kit with barrel
- HK91 - $1995?
- "SG1" stock (223)
- HK93 barrel take off
- G33 barrel take off (15.5" OAL)
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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