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Price Check on HK Rifle Accessories

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Cleaning up in the shop and thinking that maybe a few items that have extras and/or have not been out since before Y2K might need to find a new home some day ... then again could always use another belt gun (this will take a lot of cleaning ;-).

Items for a price check:
- SG1 stock (308)
- MSG90A1 stock (TD conversion of MSG90)
- PSG1 trigger pack and grip (complete trigger housing*)
- Heavy buffers - HK
- HK scope mount for SG1 (?) - claw mount with front ring offset foward (30mm)
- HK X4 power scope in green case - $400?
- FMP (?) HK91 parts kit with barrel
- HK91 - $1995?
- "SG1" stock (223)
- HK93 barrel take off
- G33 barrel take off (15.5" OAL)
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"HK scope mount for SG1 (?) - claw mount with front ring offset foward (30mm) ~If it's like the one on my rifle then about $375

FYI gentleman, that is a standard mount, for all the steel receiver rifles. . It was cataloged as " Mount, Claw Lock snap on, 30mm rings with 1" inserts" it was the default mount we sold for the 91 and 93, very few were bought for the 94, actually it was the only mount we sold until the A.R.M.S. mount was developed by **** Swann, which we eventually carried as a cheaper and much more versatile alternative.
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