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I was in the same boat.

I didnt know which caliber I wanted. 9mm or .40c. I went to my local gunstore and bought a brand new 9mm. In the used display case, there was a .40. It was actually marked $599 but he took $550. I swear the thing looked brand new. I picked it up, looked it over for a good 5 minutes. I mean even the barrel didnt have wear on it from where the slide kind of grinds on it below where the shell ejects from, just beneath the serial #. Thats one of the best things to look at. Anyway bro, this thing looked to be in better shape than the brand new 9mm I was buying, and the date code on the .40 is KG!

I actually love the fact that its older. Ive taken it to the range many times and its flawless. I couldnt love it anymore. I swear as comfortable as my 9mm fits me, the .40 almost feels like it was custom molded to my hand. Its weird I know the dimensions are all the same. I love having the 9mm as my primary carry, and the .40 basically always stays at home and defends the house. Anyway, sorry to get off subject. Absolutely buy it IMO.

The only reason i see to shy away from an older date code (when talking about USP Compacts) is if for some reason you want the updated guide rod assembly that eliminated the c-clip (I replaced the newer one in my 9mm with the older style. I bought a few from hk-usa) The only other changes I can think of is the logos/text went from being printed on to being engraved (or something like that :)) Also, I believe the later model hammers have been rubberized. You can hardly tell until your thumb actually touches it. Only the tip that touched your thumb is rubber. If youre talking about an AC date code, the improvements might have happened already. Im not sure when the advancements were made. The guy at the gunstore will, or all the experts in here can advise you.

Buy the gun! Youll love it!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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