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Price Check USP9-SD CLONE

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Hello all. I am looking for a price check on one of my HK pistols. This pistol started out as a USP9 and I started adding to it. Looking for some feedback on how much this set up would be worth if I choose to sell it, which may happen soon, unfortunately.

USP9 Pistol 93% Condition - Approx 2,000 rds fired. Uninstalled Standard Barrel (500 rds fired in this barrel) and Standard Sights. Original Hard case.
Jarvis extended threaded (1/2x28 TPI) barrel (Approx 1,500 rds fired in this barrel), with Thread protector.
HK Adjustable sights (Non-Night Sights) installed.
3 Used Factory 15rd mags.
3 Used Factory 10rd mags.
1 HK USP Tactical Black Soft Case (from another tactical pistol), missing some pouches.

The majority of the rounds were fired suppressed (subsonic) using an AAC Evo-9 can.
I will not be able to get pics up for a few days, but I will get them posted ASAP.

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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