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Can anyone tell me what a new in the box Chantilly HKP7M8 worth? Yes with fat trigger box papers. $1775 is what the guy wants plus tax it is going to cot me $1900.
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Right up there but rare enough but unless the seller is an FFL selling from his inventory it's not NIB and technically ineligible for warranty to the buyer. Here's my track:

Heckler & Koch P7 M8
4 in Bbl Pistol in 9 mm 4.13 in Bbl. Bluebook of Gun Values (32nd Edition) indicates between $975 in 95% condition and $1500 in 100% condition for this gun. I have 262 recorded prices for this model gun from $475 to $2000 over a period of 8 Yrs 7 Mos ending April 25, 2012. The average price as of that date was $1276. No refurbs, no refinishes, regular sights. Adjusted to two magazines. All represented as 95% or better. No distinction for import location or engineering revision, if any, no special editions, no distinctions for box, papers, tools. Current or last MSRP is $1515

Here's an out of date chart from the data:


There are five prices above $1700, two above $1900. The most recent of these five was during February 2012 ($1820) with the others from late June 2010 and Summer 2011. The "Mint" or "As New In Box" probably makes the price OK for a safe queen but, IMO, pretty dear for a shooter. But if it's what you want and you have the bux, I'd say go for it. I'd wager you wouldn't lose any money if you should decide to sell it later and keep in could condition. If H&K honors the warranty, should you need it, you might come out ahead at the prices for parts these days.
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Is there a site from which to get the information (and other firearms) in your graph??? :eek:

No there isn't, Tony, I just post charts if I happen to have a track on the model if it comes up in a thread. What might you be looking for?
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