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Ghillie Bear built this as a pistol in 2010 I then had it SBRd. I had it removed from the ATF registry so it would be easier to sell. It is very accurate and trouble free have only fired 50 reds through it, never had a problem. The pistol looks new no scratches or mars, any sign of wear.

I had the Auto Bolt sent to Robar for a NP3 finish it's a very durable rust resistant finish, it has a Teflon componet that acts as a lubricant. The barrel was new, almost all the other parts are original mp5. The bolt gap is perfect, included is 2 30rd HK mags. If you have any questions, just ask

I will sell for 1500, shipped to a FFL in the lower 48 states for free. I had this listed earlier for 2200 you can look at page 4 it also has pics of this MP 5 pistol. I'm no good with computers I will try to load pics, Page 4 has pictures,or you can email me at my email address listed below will send them to you.

Gary Smith Lee summit, mo 64082
[email protected][/email

I will only ship to a FFL now your laws in your state I will only ship it to a state this firearms are legal & the 30 red makes are legal. I will ship my FFL to your FfL
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