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Price for HK MP5

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Trying to come up with a fair price for a HK94 done as a MP5 by Terry Dyer with three lug barrel (adapter on factor barrel). Marked MP5 before was SBRed. Low usage since Terry worked on it as was for subgun matches but was too busy working the matches to shoot in the matches. Now days mostly shoot rifle calibers plus once in a long while the MP5K.

Not selling on line now, just appreciate pricing ...
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Type of trigger group, reweld carrier?
Thanks, good questions. Will need to check but locked up in box at the moment. Will assume reweld carrier for now. Has a S&H reg sear in SF pack in it now with a plastic HK SEF housing .. plus a semi trigger pack and metal SF housing.

Other discussion would one do better selling with sear or two seperate sales (assume seperate). Will also clear out a few other hosts (V53P, V33kP, HK91, Hk93) that never see the light of day anymore (ie if don't shot it it goes to make room for other toys :)
Id say in a2 config with regular metal lower around 4-4.5k. Market price for sears installed in sef packs seems to be in the 13-13.5k right now.
17k would probably move it selling it together. 12.5-13K would sell the sear pretty quick. good luck
Thanks appreciate the data points.

When/If you get around to selling those other hosts (assuming they run well with your sear) you mentioned there...drop me an email. You have it.

Double checked and the HK MP5 has an HK A3 stock, which would ad a couple bucks to the market price, depending on what other options are included vs sold separately, been advise to by a couple local SOT's that around $18K for the MP5 with sear is typical. Of course one could always wait and see if prices pop a few percent later in the year ;-).

Greatly appreciate everyone's help and once get up and around (off a few days following surgery, find typing on a Tablet while laid up not to work as well as the PC ... thus will post for sale later after can look close and snap a few photos, inventory the accessories and upload to a web page).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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