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Problem with C93

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Hi guys I am new to the forum and have a question I recently got a C93 and it runs fine but the problem is that the magazines do not lock in all the way it takes is a bump and the magazines fall out is there any way I can fix it without sending it back to century.
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Is there any "play" at all with the catch? I have the same problem where my mags don't like to lock in. Finally noticed that the mag catch is able to "wiggle" up and down a little bit in its hole. If I put a mag in and slide my thumb off the back of the mag and over to the catch and nudge it downward, then it catches on the magazine and locks it in place. If my catch was a hair bigger, the hole a hair smaller, or if I could somehow build up some material at the top of the hole so that the catch wouldn't angle upward then it wouldn't be an issue.
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