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Proctor Y-Notch sights for the VP9

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So I have been talking with Way of The Gun about getting a set of sights for the VP9. I assume I have been talking to Frank, but not sure. Anyhow, I am going to put some rounds down range in the morning, then pull my factory sights and put them in the mail so they can use them to prototype a set of Frank's Y-Notch sights for the VP9. I will update as I am updated, and will obviously let y'all know how they shoot once I get them in.
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Last day shooting with the factory luminescent sights. Shot a 250 and a 254 on the NRA bulls eye course this morning. I think I could have shot a little better if I had been practicing bulls eye more, but that's pretty consistent with what I have shot in the past with semi autos. Sights are in the mail and the wait begins.
Fun fact, I went to high school and played football with Frank proctor haha
He seems like a pretty good dude, and from what I can tell, he knows his stuff. I'm optimistic about the sights.
Hey Sashcraft09. any word on the sights? how have they been? still waiting for him to release them.
Wondering if there was any updates on the Y sight for VP9?
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