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A while back Lee Tool ran a special on a newly made CETME pattern wood stock and forearm set. The set looked good, so I took a chance and bought one. Now the fun starts. I wanted to use a real HK G3 leather sling with the stock and use the set with my 91 and G3. The stock set did not come with a sling attachment, but I found a CETME type one at Apex and ordered one. Then I found that the 1" wide HK sling would not fit into the CETME attachment's slot. Damn! I wasn't about to trim the HK sling so I decided to take some measurements of the stock's sling hole and see what I could come up with. The sling hole would take the 1" (25.4 mm) wide sling nicely plus there was enough room to run the sling through twice. Knowing that, I decided to use the SIG PE 57 method of sling attachment. In that method the sling runs through the stock into and then out of a slide buckle. The returning end of the sling is now run back through the stock slot and finally pinned back onto itself. The HK sling does have a pair of slots and does come with a sling pin. That's good. I then measured the cutout in the CETME wood stock where a slide buckle would be fit. It was 35 mm in width. With that information I went to eGhey and scanned for 'black metal slide buckles' having 25.4 mm slots, but no wider than 35 mm. Bingo! I found a Chinese company that had what I needed for less than $2.00 per pair, landed. How could you beat that? Here is one of their listings (I have no relationship whatsoever with them) Alloy Adjustor Triglides Slides for Buckle Backpack Bag Belt Webbing 19mm 25mm U | eBay

Here is my finished attachment. It looks pretty good, almost factory:

(bare Chinese sling buckle on top, Apex CETME sling attachment on bottom)

(notice that the sling would not fit through the Apex CETME sling attachment slot, but would the Chinese buckle)
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