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Psg1 original case, Garbini tripod, stock key, two 5rd mags, etc.

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I recently acquired an original Psg1 case, tripod and some accessories at a local auction.

As to why they were separated from the gun with which they belonged, I know only part of the story and I can tell it if it is important to you to know their source.

The case is in 8/10 cosmetic condition on the outside with one small dent on the top and handling marks on the corners.The inside of the case is in 9/10 condition. The original Garbini tripod is 9/10 with only very light handling marks from range use. The stock key spring appears to be damaged (going off comparison to stock photos). The magazines have light surface marks on the outside, but the followers are in great shape and appear to have been used very little. There is also what appears to be a battery charger and a cleaning tube in the case. The inverter on the charger has no branding or visible markings.

I would prefer to sell the case, tripod, and accessories as a unit, however I know that not everyone who wants the tripod will need the case, etc.

I am asking 1500$ Plus shipping for everything, but I will take the best offer plus actual shipping for any or all of the items by PM and will mark them as sold if/when they sell.

A bit about me: I have been a lurker here for some time. I own and shoot HK pistols, and I have benefited from the knowledge compiled here in the past. I am not a big forum user so I have never registered here, but I wanted to sell the items here where they would be recognized, desired and appreciated.

I'm currently working a night shift but I will return your PMs as soon as I can. Thanks


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