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PTR 91 A3 R bolt service?

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I am considering getting one of the PTR 91s and understand they are pretty reliable compared to some of today's .308 rifles.
I'm new to roller lock guns and just got an SP5K
My question is, how often do these rollers or bolts need to be serviced
I'm sure I can find cleaning and maintenance videos but wanted to get an idea of how long they will run before service/ new bolt

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I havent posted here in a long time! The G3 series of rifles are dirty pigs. That being said, it doesn't seem to effect function. I have run these things where they are filthy, greasy, full of carbon. The G3 just doesn't stop in my opinion. So if you clean it religiously, great. If you don't, it will still run like a raped ape regardless. It has a bit more recoil than most 7.62 guns, but it works and requires very little service or attention. As said above, it is almost impossible for you to pound enough rounds where you need to worry about rollers etc. If you do, you are an unemployed millionaire to be able to afford the ammunition and time to make that rifle fail.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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