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Was a good morning to go shooting after a rough day yesterday.

Left and went to the range, and sort of cleared my head on the way there. Took the PTR91 and the V93 for plinking at blue rocks at 100M.

The range is a public range located in the Pike National Forest. Was pretty crowded, but met a group of GIs from Fort Carson, and a gentleman from Poland. The GIs all liked the PTR91, and shot some shots which looked easy due to the rifle, drilling fragments of bluerock on the hillside. They all commented that it had no recoil to speak of. The rubber button part of the PTR comfort zone buffer was pretty mangled and smashed flat when I cleaned the rifle later at home, but it still functioned well. The more I shoot this rifle, the more I like it.

Replaced the rollers with +2 rollers, and opened up the bolt gap a scosh.

The V93 is sporting a new stock, and the bolt stuck in the rear position a couple of times until things loosened up. What a tack driver with the 55 grain Hornady FMJ and 25 grains of Ramshot TAC. It didn't seem to like the 62 grain IMI bullets as much but it still shot OK. The 55 grain loading is just a really good, inexpensive (if we can say that these days anymore) loading.

Was a fun day, nice fall weather, and pleasant outing. By the time I left, yesterday's stress was only a memory.
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