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PTR 91 GI Ammo and general recommendation list

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Okay, got a PTR 91 GI on order, in the mail and in route to my FFL. I am pretty is my 3rd HK clone for the herd. Got my order in to RTG for some extra goods. I do have some questions for PTR GI owners.

1. Can you recommend some bulk ammo that worked for you?

2. I am gonna check bolt gap and try and run 100-200 rds through it and see how it goes.....see where the gap goes. I want to eventually duracoat the gun hk black. I know I have 1 year warranty and I read a lot of threads on this and other forums. My rifle is in the 800+ serial number range.

At what point would you feel I am good to go with bolt gap settling in and trunnion checks before I am good to go for the actual duracoating?

3. Any other recommendations? I will get the RTG G3/91 survival kit at some point.

THX in advance.
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i think PRVI is probably a very safe bet. AIM has some for under $0.50/round. this is about the same price as the Malaysian, DAG and Chilean surplus that is currently available. i prefer the DAG but some PTR's don't like it, so for a new rifle i would start out with "commercial" ammunition, and the PRVI should fit the bill.

CURRENTLY the only source that i know of for DAG, is The Sportsman's Guide.

PORT may be available from SAMCO, but i hear so many horror stories about them, i am reluctant to order. also, a lot of the PORT currently available is slightly corroded. in my experience is does not seem to affect function but it does seem to affect accuracy.

the PRVI is every bit as accurate as the DAG and PORT, which are the most accurate of the surplus ammunition, in my experience.

i have no experience with the Malaysian or Chilean surplus, so i can't comment on them.

the Brown Bear ammunition is a little cheaper, it can usually be found for around $0.40/round, but it isn't anywhere near as accurate as the PRVI (or PORT or DAG, for that matter).

i would recommend you buy a Gen 1 Hensoldt from Cheaper than Dirt, for $300, or from Robert RG for a little more.

Robert RG also has "survival kits" that should cover a lot of the other items you may need.
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i got some slightly corroded PORT from Graf and Sons, there was a noticeable difference in the degree of accuracy vs. my clean PORT surplus.

and yes, still more accurate than Winchester or Brown Bear.

just my experience.
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