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PTR 91 GI Ammo and general recommendation list

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Okay, got a PTR 91 GI on order, in the mail and in route to my FFL. I am pretty is my 3rd HK clone for the herd. Got my order in to RTG for some extra goods. I do have some questions for PTR GI owners.

1. Can you recommend some bulk ammo that worked for you?

2. I am gonna check bolt gap and try and run 100-200 rds through it and see how it goes.....see where the gap goes. I want to eventually duracoat the gun hk black. I know I have 1 year warranty and I read a lot of threads on this and other forums. My rifle is in the 800+ serial number range.

At what point would you feel I am good to go with bolt gap settling in and trunnion checks before I am good to go for the actual duracoating?

3. Any other recommendations? I will get the RTG G3/91 survival kit at some point.

THX in advance.
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If you hit a gun show locally you might find some good surplus at a "REASONABLE" price.
I ran American Eagle through mine for the reason it ALWAYS worked in all the JLD/PTR guns.
It was around $12 a box at CTD last time I looked.
I would jump on as many magazines, different size rollers, assorted springs, firing pins, stocks, hand guards, locking pieces, ect.
The RTG survival kits are a good idea, of course, and while CTD has the G3 magazines at a fair price (FOR NOW!!), STOCK UP NOW!
Good luck on your new G.I. They are fabulous pieces if the trunnion is OK (by now, in the production run, it should be).
Basically though, on the spares, you need at least one of everything (not barrels and big stuff like that) while it's still "READILY" available!!
If you can't get a HENSHOLDT scope and kit, at least get an original CLAW mount (NOT A KNOCK OFF MOUNT BY ANYONE ELSE), put a PICATINNY rail on it and any scope you want.
About the number of rounds, hard to say. Some on this site have done 50 or less and cracked while others got several hundred before cracking. Mine fell right in the cracking trunnion range, and I have put over 1000 rounds with no crack so far!
I DID have a bolt gap which came out of the box at .018" and was at .006" within about 300 rounds.
I replaced my bolt head and locking piece (both marked US) with real H&K parts (I had left over from the 80's) and my gap has held at .018"/.019" for almost 800 rounds.
Just something to look at if you gap drops drastically but the trunnion is still OK and not cracked. It seems like, in truth, only a small number actually cracked so far, but I have no idea how many. I do have friends on HKPro that DID have cracked trunnions and PTR made it right!

Again, I would stock up on everything you can afford/find while you can LEGALLY still do so!!

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A G21 buttpad and Wide Forearm MIGHT make it more comfortable or you. The buttpad holds your shoulder better and the wide guard, WHILE NOT AS COMFORTABLE (IMO-FOR ME) keeps the hand cooler. It also provides a bipod mount. You might think about a wood set if RTG still has them. The last ones I got were pristine and all I did was steel wool and oil them.
I put a sling swivel stud in the second hole of my wood forarms so I can mount a HARRIS (or WalMart Copy) Bipod easily. Been working for years that way on my PTR 91F.
And now the GI.
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