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PTR 91 GI Ammo and general recommendation list

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Okay, got a PTR 91 GI on order, in the mail and in route to my FFL. I am pretty is my 3rd HK clone for the herd. Got my order in to RTG for some extra goods. I do have some questions for PTR GI owners.

1. Can you recommend some bulk ammo that worked for you?

2. I am gonna check bolt gap and try and run 100-200 rds through it and see how it goes.....see where the gap goes. I want to eventually duracoat the gun hk black. I know I have 1 year warranty and I read a lot of threads on this and other forums. My rifle is in the 800+ serial number range.

At what point would you feel I am good to go with bolt gap settling in and trunnion checks before I am good to go for the actual duracoating?

3. Any other recommendations? I will get the RTG G3/91 survival kit at some point.

THX in advance.
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I dunno if I have 11 or 12 flutes but I believe I have one of the Green Mountain barrels on my AW PTR and it works flawlessly with excellent accuracy
As to what to buy next.. I would recommend a German claw optics mount cause they are drying up, and Military contract HK mags aplenty, including a nice stack of the cheap used ones just for target shooting

My next HK purchase is 2 more claw mounts for future HK clone builds. Anyone have a good price on these? CDNN is plumb out..
PTR barrels..not chrome lined, wish they were. That or nitrided
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