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Ptr-91 kpf questions

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Just have a few questions about the PTR91 KPF model. Was this a CT. built gun? has anyone had any issues/experiences with this model? and did PTR ever use German trunnions? I noticed on PTR's site they didn't list it any longer. it has a 16" heavy barrel, G3K handguard and collapsible stock. Was just wondering if this may be new old stock.
Thanks, Travis
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I have 2 older JLD built rifles with German trunions , but it's very possible that yours may have a German one. They eventually started using U.S. parts ; especially now more than back in Conn. The good news is, that as long g as your flutes are properly cut and it shoots reliably; you have a very accurate 16" match barrel that will hold much tighter groups then the thinner profiled barrels. I have 2 JLD 16" K,s ,1 with a Wilson match and 1 with a Thompson center match, both are extremely accurate. Enjoy, I'm sure your fine. Wide forearm and A3 stock is of more value and collectable. Enjoy
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