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PTR MSG91 New To Me

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Hi everybody...newbie here. I've been reading the forum for a while and have just recently managed to purchase a MSG-91 that is apparently unfired. I'm the 3rd owner. 2nd owner said he never fired it and was told by the 1st owner that he never fired it. Looks pristine to me. I'll take it to the range this Friday and see how it likes the RUAG ammo I've got. I've got some brass on order to reload my own but till then the zinc plated steel case will have to do.

It's an AW81** serial # so I'll be watching the trunnion as well as the headspace. I've been reading most of what I can find regarding the PTR rifles and I think I understand how to check for the bolt gap but would appreciate it if someone would describe the procedure.

I believe the buffer will not work with the welded scope rail and was hoping someone here has a workaround?? I'd like to be able to save my brass for reloading.

My first experience with HK was back in the early '70s when I bought the HK91 direct from the factory for $250.00. How time have changed. It was the most accurate out of the box rifle I ever fired. I'm hoping the MSG-91 will be a kissing cousin to those rifles. Thanks to all of you who have posted so much good information.
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Bolt gap is checked with auto feeler gauges thru the magwell between the bolt head and carrier,after charging and dropping hammer on empty chamber.It probably WILL NOT like surplus ammo and will more than likely like expensive $1.00 a rnd commercial ammo or crap russian steel casing ammo. Watch that trunion for cracks and pray it has mostly Eropean bolt parts!
Well, the RUAG is Russian so I'll know soon enough. Thanks for the info on checking the gap. I'll do that tonight. Are the European part identified with special marks?

Looks like the gap is .020".
Bolt head could read: EBO,FMP,HK,POF . carrier can be marked the same,rheinmetall german carrier has a star and a date and has no weld horizontally.Bolt gap is great at .020. Make sure you check it after every range trip ,so you know how many rounds it fired before it drops drastically. This will happen if you have a U.S. bolt. A new HK locking piece from RTG parts will help delay this happening so fast;in some cases.Let me know what bolt/carrier markings you have.This will be a good indicator of quality of build and longevity of said Bolt gap. U.S. made parts have not held high bolt gaps of Late.Good luck. I hope you don,t have the shallow flutes like the earlier AW# serials do.UUGGHH
My carrier & bolt are US made. No markings on the carrier (horizontal weld) and the bolt has PTR 09/09 on it. What US parts are wearing? The rollers, roller recesses in trunnion, locking piece, etc.??? I'm not a big fan of MIM parts but find them used in many high dollar firearms. I gotten used to just replacing them.

Is there a way to check the depth of the cylinder flutes?
I can look at the flutes and tell if I had the rifle in front of me.It may be fine.Now,for bolt gap longevity, Pick up a $12 HK locking piece just to be safe,for the future. If bolt gap stays high like it is,then NO worries mate. Shoot and enjoy.If bolt gap drops rapidly,I would put german/euro bolt head and rollers in it,with the Hk locking piece. Carrier should not make as much of a difference.because its not interacting with the trunion/bolt face/rollers/LP. Keep an eye on it and let us know.It just seems that the U.S. bolts&trunions aren,t as hard of metal or in spec to HK standards. Thats just MY opinion.But it sure seems like alot of the newer PTr parts ARE NOT holding bolt gap. Now go shooting,asap. LOL and have fun to bro.
PTR's customer service is the best i've seen in a long time.
My recent contact with PTR was due to the unfortunate, issue of a cracked trunion.
With-in 5 min. of inquiring options for repair, i was emailed a set of packing instructions, along with a paid UPS label for shipment.
Other than any future HK transactions, PTR has won a loyal customer from me.
Took it to the range and fired at 50 yds. and then 100yds using RUAG (Silver Bear??). I didn't have my glasses so I saw a fuzzy front & rear sight and a blurry target. I sighted on the bullseye using the target frame for a reference and managed 3" at 50 yds. (10 rnds.) and 4" at 100 yds. (10 rnds.) I set the rear sight on '2' for both ranges.

The chamber has 12 flutes according to the brass but I don't know if the flutes are shallow or not. Cases ejected smartly at about 2 o'clock and about 4 yds. from my position. The casings didn't look as damaged as the brass cases that I ran through my original HK 91; probably because they're steel. I have a scope to mount on it and then I think it will probably shoot 1.5 MOA. Without the scope I didn't want to shoot any more as I don't think it would have added anything worthwhile.

I purchased some NATO once fired brass and am looking for bullets. Anybody know a good source that has some for .20¢ or less? I didn't notice a reloading section and am wondering if there is a powder/primer/bullet combination that has proven well suited to the PTR??

I forgot....bolt gap is still .020".
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