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PTR32 question

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what kind of accuracy are you guys getting from the PTR32?

...and with what ammo?

any of you use golden tiger?

...and give range/distance,position and if using a bipod.

this is x39.

i need honest,realistic answer,thanks.
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yugo surplus,brass case,123gr? that's interesting Obiefox. that's one of the better,more accurate foreign surplus x39 out there. it's always functioned well in my AKs and usually gives a bit tighter groups than wolf too. i can't say i've ever found it underpowered but then it can range from 70's to 90's date manufactured if that makes a difference. thanks.

i keep reading about the #15 LP,i'll have to keep that in mind. this piece(LP) has a direct correlation between powder charge and roller efficiency,right? can you explain further? thanks.
The yugo AK ammo is fine for an AK, but the roller delayed blowback takes much more of an initial impulse to unlock and function properly.
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