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PTR91 16" barrel, how much of a difference does it make ergonomics/accuracy wise?

I've been researching about the PTR91 for a while now. I have several questions regarding the shorter barrel variant if some of you would please indulge me.

1. How will this affect velocity, from my understanding shorter barrels tend to make the rifle a little less accurate at extended ranges (I'm going for 300m and maybe if I feel lucky and am pushing it, 400m)
2. I'm a short guy, (5'3" 138lb) how is the balance and ergonomics of the shorter barrel PTR91? I have only ever held the full length, and it was pretty hefty and long by comparison to my paper light full length AR15 (Bad comparison I know)
3. I plan on making modifications to the rifle, such as dropping a .22lr conversion kit in whenever I can afford/find one, is there anything I should be concerned about when dropping in the kit for the shorter barrel variant of this rifle? Will the shorter barrel have any adverse affects on performance with the .22lr conversion? Is there anything that would need to be modified to the kit due to the length?

I'd appreciate any insight on this if possible, I've always liked the design of the G3/PTR91, and I'm currently saving to finally purchase one sometime this winter.
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