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PTR91 GI Issue - Rounds Separating from Case During Extraction

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Hi folks,

I am having what I consider to be a pretty unique issue with my GI rifle, which I bought back in November of 2012. It is a GI- serial number so I'm hoping this rifle isn't having an issue or symptom similar to those of the earlier AW rifles... At any rate, I can't overstate the amount of internet searching I've done in an attempt to either find someone else that has had this issue or to find potential solutions or remedies. Thus far, I have been unable.

The issue in question has only happened twice but it appears to be serious. The first instance was in 2013--and I figured it was a fluke, so I moved on--but it happened again several weeks ago. What happens is this: the trigger was pulled on a live round and the round failed to fire. Thus, the obvious protocol in this scenario, and/or even after emptying a magazine, is to open the action, manually extracting a round if one is still indeed chambered. In both cases, the extractor properly extracted the case, however, the chamber area must have been so tight that the actual bullet was held in place. What results is that the case is separated from the round, spilling gunpowder all inside of the rifle. The bullet, then, remains lodged in the chamber and the rifle is rendered inoperable until the stuck bullet can be dislodged and the loose gunpowder cleaned from the rifle.

The first time this happened, I was certainly not as savvy and simply dislodged the bullet, cleaned out the gunpowder (a true pain) and figured it was a freak occurrence. While I dislodged the bullet and cleaned the weapon this latest time too, I've also been extra attentive in inspecting the chamber and flute area with both a borelight and an inexpensive borescope/endoscope that I picked up on Amazon. I've attached some pictures of the area but you'll have to excuse the poor quality, although you can still make out what's going on. It's apparently one extreme to the other with regard to endoscopes/borescopes: unless you spend several hundred dollars on one, you get a ubiquitous 6cm focal length and 2-megapixel resolution.

At any rate, the remaining issue--and point of the attached pictures--is that there appears to still be some brass material stuck in the part of the flute "elbows," where they start to constrict down to the barrel. I have tried virtually every non-damaging method to extract this brass out, including using the HK chamber flute brush, various caliber brass brushes being used to scrub the flute area, and rinsing/spraying an untold amount of lubricants and cleaners into the area, etc.

The rifle otherwise functions fine and I have no other issues. While it's possible that the only thing left to do in order to remove the brass would be to simply shoot the rifle and have the high-pressure gas flow back through the flutes and remove it, I can't say I'm comfortable doing that, hence the impetus to post this issue. I know that PTR did have issues with flutes, chambers, and trunions in the early days but after reading the many forum threads devoted to those issues, the symptoms of which did not seem to resemble this particular problem. Regardless, it was my understanding the introduction of the "GI" models saw the end of most of these issues. I should also emphatically state that I have only ever shot commercial brass loads through the rifle and that it has been thoroughly cleaned and maintained in between shoots.

I have contacted PTR but I'm eager to get feedback/input from all of the knowledgeable folks here. The theory I operate with in this day and age, with so many vocal folks here on the Internet, is that someone somewhere has experienced the same issue you have, with regard to any product, service, you name it. And it rather shocked me to not find anyone having had this issue, although it could just be a matter of no one ever writing about it before.

Of course, any help or feedback would be extraordinarily helpful since my receiver is sitting, totally disassembled, in its case and won't be fired again until I can get somewhere on this. Huge thanks in advance, folks.

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Sounds like it was not chambered properly. Does the dislodged bullet have any markings as to where it was hung up, specifically from the rifling? Maybe the chamber throat was not cut deep enough.

You do not mention if you were using factory loaded ammo or handloads. What ammo are you using, specifically brand and bullet type?

With handloads, sometimes if you do not seat the bullet properly and the cartridge over all length is exceeded the bullet will engage with the rifling. Check your cartridge OAL and see if it meets SAAMI specifications which is 2.810 for 308 win and 2.80-2.83 for 7.62 NATO. I would try some steel case Wolf ammo and see if you can blast the flutes clean. If the COAL is excessive the cartridge will probably not fit into the magazine.

Some brass is really soft and could possibly be a problem. Run some 7.62 NATO through it and see what happens and report back.

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Hi. Thanks so much for your response. Again, sorry for the length of the post and I'm sure the statement got lost in the mix but I did mention that I've only ever shot commercial brass loads. And in fact, I have a ton ZQI 7.62 NATO that I bought at Wal-Mart and that's what I was shooting the last time this happened. No idea what exact brand I was shooting the first time it happened, but again, it would have been a commercial brass load likely from Wal-Mart.

As to chambering, I do, of course, let the bolt carrier slam into the chamber. No gentle bolt riding... ever.

Lastly, and I hate to admit this, the casing was lost in the range floor pile both times. It would have been a great--if not the best--piece of evidence but, alas, I just can't say I have it.
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