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Purchased My First HK (P30SK V1 LEM) and I Couldn't Be Happier

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I had initially made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy anymore guns for 2 years. This promise was made in September 2016. However, on December 29th 2016, a date that will live in infamy, I spotted P30SKs on CDNN for $499.00 and I had to buy one! I could not be happier with this gun! The gun arrived on Jan 3rd 2017 and I'm already thinking of which of my other guns I'm going to replace with HK's! I've got my eye set on the p2000 (either v1 or v3...preferably v1) and the p2000sk.

Although I've never done drugs. I think I can safely compare one's first HK purchase to a crackhead's first hit of crack! It's that addictive! I just love the magazine release. I've had a problem with the buttons-style releases being pressed by various things. The European mag release is so much faster!

I was finally able to shoot the gun a few hours ago. And this P30SK is a tack driver! I had bullets going in the same hole (and that is a rarity for me....I'm just being honest).

Question: I'm noticing that P2000 V1s are far less common than V3s. Is there a reason for this?
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Congrats on your new P30SK! If you already have a P30SK, you probably can get by without a P2000SK. Go for a P30 or USP.

There are no factory P2000 V1s. They are only available either as V3 or V2 but you can convert a V2 --> V1.
Thanks for the quick and informative reply! I'd still have to get my hands on a p2000. Do USP's come without safeties?
Well, you can have a USP without safety (which is a decocker-only variant) and without the safety/control lever altogether. You'll still have the control lever in the first option but it only serves as a decocker. The latter is a LEM version and not a DA/SA.
congrats, sounds like you made a great purchase!
Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the acquisition!!! :biggrin:

Congrats. I felt very similar after buying my USPc, I love the gun. I have been considering buying a P30sk, but I am not a big fan of finger grooves.
Welcome and congrats on your P30sk LEM buy! Back in December, those guns sold out very quickly on CDNN. For $499 you couldn't beat it anywhere. HKs are now your drug of choice. Have fun with your addiction!!
The trigger on the P30sk takes some time to get accustomed to compared to my HK45.
Welcome to the site, and congrats on a great weapon.
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