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I'd like to switch the grip frame on my SP89 from the original metal one to a polymer frame, and am hoping you guys could help me do it right.

I want to get a MP5K 4-position polymer pictograph grip and have it clipped and pinned. This gun is not converted to full auto; the extra pictographs are purely cosmetic. As my metal selector won't fit the polymer frame, I'll also need to get one of those.

If I use a 0-1 FBI plastic selector, would the positions line up right on a 4-position frame?

If I use a 4-position selector in a semiauto trigger pack, would all 3 fire positions just be semiautomatic fire settings, or just malfunction?

Also, for this project would a clipped and pinned frame, selector lever, and right side lever be all that I need? Or does the trigger pack itself need to be modified in some way to work in the new frame?

Any info or advice on the best way to go about this would be much appreciated.
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