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question about a trade?

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I have an AK package (Mak90,1200 rounds ammo,bulgarian mags ) and a new FNH FiveSeven pistol that I am about to maybe trade for an USC 45 with a Top Notch conversion and (7) M3 magzines.I am not sure what the H&K is worth or if this is a decent trade,I am asking $850 for the AK package and $1050 for the FiveSeven pistol
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this is the package I am offering for trade.

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What brand is that mac90? I think I paid $200 for my norinco... had no idea value was up there. Is yours a polytech? I would say 1800ish on a usc conversion is pretty cheap even with the goofy grease gun mags. :)

how old is that conversion? Have you looked at the insides and made sure the sear area wasnt chopped out?
its a Norinco,They have been in the $450-$550 range lately,the Bulgarian mags are in the $50 range ,1200 round of ammo in the $250-300 range and the Pistol def. in the $1000range ,so its prob a good trade?figured I could always get another AK and a FiveSeven pistol but I have not seen a H&K USC 45 in the stores in forever....
those white ammo boxes... that isn't norinco ammo is it? If so you wanna sell some before you do the deal? I think you are getting a good deal. I have seven AK's and Chinese, Egyptian, Romy, russian whatever they all do the same thing. I'd make that deal if it were me. I like that olive drab five seven. Nice piece.
just standard Russian non-corrsive ammo.
lol... worth a try. That norinco stuff that the bullet and the casing is almost the same color is AP. Hard to find anymore.
Now a happy USC 45 owner!
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