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Hey all,

New to the forum and it's my first question (will be many more!) and was wondering how you eject the mag on an MP5 / clone. I got a SW receiver and am currently saving for an Adam Webber kit, but noticed the mag area has a (correct me if i'm wrong) but a paddle in between the mag and trigger guard, which I guess is for releasing the mag?

What about that button on the side (looking at the side with the bolt)? What does that do?

That's not like the AR15 where you push a button to eject the mag right?


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Yep, they both do the exact same thing. In fact, the paddle lever just pushes against an angled lug on the same pin that the push button is attached to.

The nice thing about the paddle levers is that if you have two magazines connected with a mag clamp, you can swap from an empty mag to a full one with just one hand - which is good, because you'll be using the other hand to cock the bolt open, and then slap it forward again once you get the mags changed.
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