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Question About My VP9 Mags

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I did a search but came up empty . My question is I'm at 2000 rounds now and just noticed that the plastic mag followers are kind of chewed up on the top where the top round rides . Is that normal ?
Thanks in advance .
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Mine started doing that in about 50 rounds. Every now and again I try to smooth it out some by shaving/sanding off the crap sticking out. This did make me wonder why metal followers aren't really a thing. Does any manufacturer use them? I can't recall ever seeing any (not that I have a whole lot of experience outside HK).
I believe it's the sharp lip of the case digging into the plastic as it's stripped out of the magazine. And/or the bottom round rotating against it from the double stacked rounds turning like gears as they feed.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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