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Question about P7PSP?

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I didn't want to hijack Captain America's thread about his new P7M8 so I'll start a new P7 thread. I just received my grade A P7-PSP from CDNN today and cosmetically it is flawless. The trigger is not as crisp as I was hoping, but it's not too bad. I was thinking it would be more 1911 like, might need to send it off to Bill Springfield and see if he can improve on it. Before that we'll see how it shoots, probably will be just fine.

My real question for all you P7 experts out there: After field stripping and cleaning, the re-assembly was surprisingly difficult. The piston seems to be anchored to the slide by a roll pin. In addition there looks to be a spring around the roll pin, and this causes the piston to want to sit pointing to the side instead of parallel to the bore. The roll pin is not pushed in equal amounts as if the pin was either over driven or under driven. When I tried to replace the slide, I needed to gently align the piston with a small screwdriver to get it to line up with the cylinder. But the struggle came trying to get the slide back over the top of the chamber. It took a fair amount of force, as if the slide was binding. Is this just the learning curve or is something not right here. Once back together everything seems fine.

Any comments would be welcome.