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Been lurking on the board for a while and reading old threads absorbing as much information as a I can from this great forum. I think I'm ready to start building my first MP5 but still in a the dark a little bit about the receiver. In the future I want to roll and weld my own but for this one I want to buy a receiver already rolled and welded but I'm not sure if there are any other fabrication steps to finish the receiver beyond that. I'd like to know before I buy one.

I saw one on GB that looks nice and already has a dark finish on it for $299. Not sure if I can post links or not here but a search for MP5 receiver will bring it up. There are only a couple finished ones.

I guess my question is, once I have that I can start building the actual gun without any serious fabrication other than little fit and finish issues if they come up. Is that correct?

I've searched a lot and learned a lot about the different receivers and such, but just curious if I'm missing a step somewhere.

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