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Question about Snte Fe engraving on HK 41 DATE 4/66

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All numbers are matching. Did any of the 4/66 HK41 Snte Fe have a true to period trigger 2 selector assembly without Sante Fe emblem on it. Rifle in 98% condition.
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Answered my own question:Although all HK41s manufactured in 1966 were imported by the Golden State Arms Corporation, some of the “black-gun” models do not have an import stamp imprinted on the left-hand side of the lower grip assembly as that seen on other HK41s produced during the same period. However, all HK41s manufactured in 1966 (even those prototypes produced without an import stamp) will have the last three-digits of the rifle’s serial number imprinted on the left-hand side of the grip assembly. This matching three-digit serial number authenticates the grip assembly as the original “lower” belonging to the rifle, and additionally can be found on the buttstock back plate, bolt head, and bolt head carrier as seen in the pictures provided.

How rare is the " black gun" HK 41 4/1966 without the Sante Fe Marking?
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