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Question about US parts for G36 clones

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I have been researching doing a SL8 to G36 conversion and it looks like the best wat to do a G36 clone is to register it as an SBR. Does anyone know of any other parts being made (or at least in the works) besides the stuff from Top Notch and the stuff from HDPS?? Does the KAC rail count as a US part and who has them?? And out of curiosity does it seem like there is a ton more stuff available and smiths willing to work on USC to UMP conversions?? Why is that??

I guess thats enough questions for one post.
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If you want to do a Pseudo G36 clone, or UMP clone, you still need the US made parts.

For the G36, to get it factory like Tom did, (the way he did it) was to register it as an SBR, re-serial number it (with you as the manufactoror), cut the reciever ears off as well as the old serial number (Tom got the ATF letter, so apparently if you make it NFA you can re-serial number it), then bolt on the new back portion with a steel plate, then use some sort of plastic bonder to connect the plastic. I think "JB's Plastic-Weld" was the one mentioned to work.

If you search for 'tbostic' as the user search for "threads" he's started, and look for his Gen3 SL8/G36 block, you can see how he did it. Also, SMGLee did a VERY good review on how to do this conversion as well!

SUPPOSEDLY after you SBR it, if you put the long barrel back on, and have it set to the right lengths (16"bbl/26"OAL) you can remove it from the NFA registry, and it becomes a normal gun again.

IF YOU DO THIS, YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLY WITH 922(r), which is the other use for USA made parts!
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