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I have an HK 630 in extremely nice condition that has been fired approx. 100 times. I want to keep it in great condition but shoot it more. I would like to put a Harris bipod on it and am having a problem with that.

The sling swivel is the "push button" type and does not have a small stud that is typically used with the Harris bipod. So, I am not sure how to get a bipod on it.

I really don't think I want to drill a regular stud into the stock (which would be easy) because I think the gun is too nice to drill into the stock.

One idea I had was to buy another swivel, cut off the part that the sling would attach to and connect the bipod. Not sure if that will work since it may be too wide, but worth a try. Problem with that is I cannot find a swivel that will fit the socket (and I don't want to cut the one on the gun due to condition etc.). I am assuming the swivel is different size bc it's a German gun?

So, 3 questions:

1. Any idea where I could find a push button swivel that would fit?

2. Should I just drill a regular stud into the stock? I am assuming that would not be good for resale if I ever wanted to sell.

2. Any other ideas as to how I could mount a bipod without permanently changing the gun?

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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