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Hey everyone. I've been a long time lurker on the board and just finally signed up the other day.

I have some experience with handguns and fell in love with HKs the first time I shot one a few years ago. I've shot a few Sigs, Taurus(sp), SW, SA and of course HKs.

Got my CCW earlier this year along with a HK p2000 V3 9mm from CDNN. I use Speer GD 124g with the 9mm. Love this gun as I'm left handed and it comes with dual release and slide. Plus it fits my hand perfect IMO.

Plan on doing the LEM trigger mod to my gun.
Also plan on getting night sights or tactical light for it also.
Most importantly I've been searching for a holster to use. I'm thinking I might end up buying at least 2 or 3 and see how the really fit, etc when using it.

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Welcome and enjoy this wonderful fourm!! I think if you do a search for holsters you should find everything you need.

If not post up a question and I am sure you will get plenty of opions.

Again Welcome !!

Happy & Safe Shooting!!

Remember the next time you go shooting, take along a friend who is new to firearms and show them the fun that can be had !! :cool: TJ
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