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After a lot of research, it seems that the Osprey 45 is still the quietest 45 can on the market, at about 130dB. And it looks the best, with good tone and a lot of volume for gasses.

I don’t care about modularity, or taking a can apart to keep it clean, That is just not necessary to clean a suppressor.

I’m curious what can will sound the best tone wise, I’m leaning towards the Omega 45K, Osprey 45K, and Osprey 45. It will stay 100% on my USP 45 Tactical.

Omega 45K?

Dead air ghost 45m?

Osprey 45?

Sig SRD45?

Obsidian 45?

Osprey 45k?

Other options?

Please help! Lol I’m tired of researching, and I’ve watched every suppressor video on YouTube! I’m ready to order and start my wait.
HK45 Suppressor. Gemteck Blackside? AAC Tirant? Osprey?
Search this if still needing more confusion :11:
21 - 21 of 21 Posts