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HK hanguns for competition anyone? what works for you? ..... HK handguns were never advertised as competition handguns, but as premium defensive tools - but these are brilliantly designed handguns and the bore axis thing appears to be just an overblown myth. recently, HK seems to have an experiment venture into this realm, with the likes of no less then KC Eusebio (who seems to be still struggling with his P30). There are also european shooters who have had some success. In my case my handgun is a combat weapon primarily, but as an army officer, i decided a year ago i should also take up shooting sports. I believe my handgun is the best combat weapon designed by man, but im also out on a crusade to prove we could take on SVIs and paras in the non-combat realm.

Im calling on everyone who shoots HKs in sport - IPSC standard, production, even modified and open, or IDPA SSP, ESP, or whatever have you - to share to everyone what setup works for you... handgun + mods + rig + ammo. pictures will be very much appreciated.

In my case its a plain and simple USP 40 Tac, with a jet funnel for IPSC standard. i have mepro sights, an HK45 safety lever and a V9 setup. for my rig its a silet thunder champion leather lined kydex from Ronnie Garret, some of his mag carriers, and a custom tapered belt. I run 180 grain moly propelled by 5.4gr N340 at 1.150 OAL. recently captured standard div for my region. still planning to get grams followers and springs to increas my capacity to 18. ill post my pics as soon as i can. Anyone with a more creative setup?
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here is the pistol, the hk45 safety. i realized i havent taken a picture of my rig.
the pic on the left was taken earlier when i was still on a lem-match setup
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This is the thread for Lukas modifying his expert. You can see the progression to where he has it now as it goes through.
Wow, he really took this crusade to another level! 3mm of extra buffered movement could cause so much trouble?
SSP MA, bone stock P30L
CDP EX, bone stock HK45c
ESP EX, bone stock P30L

These were my pistols per division up until the PPQ. Now ESP will be PPQ. Once I MA ESP, I will move back to CDP and the HK45c. It is a shame the PPQ isn't chambered in .45.
Now lukas' expert's bug has really bitten me now. Is there any way anyone could make an hk45 or p30 recoil spring asembly work in a USP instead? If only hk could hear usp competition shooters on this they should have made a part named "competition spring assembly" sporting a nylon buffer, made it standard for the combat competition and expert, an option for others. Also perhaps an extended mag release specifically for it and not an hk45c mag release. This would surely put the flame back on a time tested solid design, and i would especially love being able to switch from a hard-use mode to a competition mode. But they woudnt do this, no... Because apparently, they hate us! I mean i'm military.. But competition shooting aint :wink: i never really noticed this figure eightin'.. Until i read about it.

Pic of my rig by the way:

note the velcro inner, yet a buckle up front
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I don't know who owns this or who did the work. Just found it browsing around. Sure is funky...

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The question really comes down to what you want to get out of the competitions. Do you want to get more experience and measure your improvement with your chosen platform or do you want to be competitive with aspirations of taking home some trophies.

Competition formats vary, and different platforms do better in different areas. I shoot my HK in PPC/bullseye (unsanctioned local matches) and can usually finish at least in the top 20. One year I shot my 1911 instead and placed a strong 8th (second in team). In the end, it was more important to me to compete with what I carry for more practice than to bring home a little award.

You really hit the nail on the head in the OP in stating that HK doesn't promote competition sports the way that other manufacturers do. Most of the developments and products HK has to offer have come from large volume contracts. During the USP's glory days, there was the match, the elite, and the expert. I almost thought they might be venturing back that way with the P30L, but that was also a government contract result.

PS Ammo-wise, I'm not a fan of Moly. I prefer a hard-cast SWC
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USPSA Production with the P30LS V1 9mm, stock except the Dawson Sights. Holster is a Comptac belt loop, with five of their mag pouches. I reload, and have a great little load for the gun right at 1100-1150 f/s. Running this fast makes factor without an issue, gives me good slide speed, and knocks down steel with a little more umph than loads that just meet factor. Looking to switch from Hornady 124g's to Zero 124g FMJ's, a little more cost effective.

Since switching to this platform, I have been really happy. I can run the gun faster now than my G17 that was giving me issues. I do get comments after a stage, of "wow, never seen an HK run like that", because of the thought Hk's cannot do well in gun games. I think Hk has had a rough time in the competition world, but the more it is used in USPSA, IDPA, and other games it; the more the HK stigma will go away.
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SSP P30 in 40

On a side note, I’m always impressed by HK’s reliability. At every match I see many 1911’s, Glock’s, and XD’s malfunction, often multiple times. My HK’s have never let me down. I guess we are spoiled. The last IDPA match I shot, this one guy’s XD was choking so much he had to drop out of the match.
Apart from leading an infantry company, i am also a counter-prop speaker. the discontent within the farmer sector is still great, and they often fall victim to age old communist propaganda, sometimes even children bearing arms. They need enlightenment and empowerment, often we have to immerse in the barrios and feel what they feel in order to understand. The commies hate me for this and i'm always on the top of the OB. I know the city partisans have their eyes on me anywhere i go, that's why i feel my pistol is really my lifeline. You cant bring a rifle to church, or the marketplace or the mall. Shooting incidents have been commonplace in the past few months in this town of Monkayo, and my USP is really a "don't leave home without" object, just like a wallet and mobile phone. I carry 85 rounds of .40 concealed, learning from a very tight situation back in '09 while carrying a .380 ppk/s.

Having said this competition for me is primarily to enhance my skill and confidence on something that my day to day life really depends on. Im sure a lot of US cops also feel this attachment to their handguns. But of course, who doesn't want trophies and bragging rights!? :wink:

And yes Apollo, you also here those comments here, even worse - their surprised enough to see an HK... like "what's that? hes gonna shoot an HK?" I another thing i always get in PPSA (local IPSC) matches is an RO having me decock the hammer of my "production gun".. sure as hell looks like one.. Standard div has always been 1911 country here.

As for the loads bordercop, ive been planning to try 150grain hard cast swcs i recently found. ill try them for slide speed, which is the USPs problem i've heard.

how to carry 85 rounds: shoulder rig with 3 spare 13 rounders, 1 13 rounder in the gun, 2 16 rounders on my belt, 1 round in chamber
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how to carry 85 rounds: shoulder rig with 3 spare 13 rounders, 1 13 rounder in the gun, 2 16 rounders on my belt, 1 round in chamber
Well no one could ever say you are unprepared.
More like paranoid.. Haha. The new people's army here are known to set up roadblocks where they number 27 to 30. If you're lucky enough to pass by on a motorbike you'll need the extra rounds! Haha

Pc7, its true, we are spoiled. A few thousands rounds and i could only remember 2 jams, both ocassions firing suppressed.
Glock race guns scare me. Seriously. Some of them are so overworked they cease to have any original Glock parts! Maybe some of you guys have them in your collection.. so I mean no disrespect. But I don't like tricking out pedestrian items... it's just not my school of thought. A sidenote: when the Glock people do this, they completely contradict their mantra: "Hk's cost too much". Anyway. I'll leave the racegunnin' to SVI or Sphinx or some other brand that's known for it.
I shot every HK pistol I owned in competition (even P2000SK, got IDPA Expert with it in SSP). Currently P30 (in all flavors) get lot of interest by friends shooting IPSC in Production (since magazine capacity is no longer issue to choose Glock or CZ SP-01).

Generally HKs are not "race guns" but can be used well in non-race gun divisions (IPSC Production*, IDPA SSP). With lot of effort (more than with CZ, STI/SI or similar) HK can be made into "race-gun" as well. It just takes more effort and skill, than just web-shoping for race parts.

* - do not mistake IPSC Production with USPSA Production!
As for the loads bordercop, ive been planning to try 150grain hard cast swcs i recently found. ill try them for slide speed, which is the USPs problem i've heard.
Since you're currently running heavier loads, you might be interested to know that I have seen .40 175gr SWC bullets. I don't know about what you can find in your corner of the world, though.

Not sure what your slide velocity concerns are. The bullet can have a minor effect, as a lighter bullet with the same powder charge will accelerate faster, resulting in a different pressure level at the time of the bullet's exit from the muzzle. However, powder burn rate and amount will have a much greater effect than the bullet's weight.

Oh, and yes, some ROs can be a little ignorant. I remember hearing "did you put the safety on" referring to my LEM.
oh BTW, another motivator here to go to competetions - chicks dig it... yea, lotsa chicks watching here. but more fascinating are the lady shooters. Some of those in this region are breathtaking. Haven't seen one with an HK, which is good, because i might marry her. I'm not sure how healthy that would be for a household.
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