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RAL8000 416/556 Dust Covers

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So just as a friend hooked me up having one of my AF 416 upper metal dust covers Cerakoted in RAL8000 HKParts comes up with HK German Factory Polymer RAL8000 Dust Covers. I just bought two because I lubed the metal one so much that it was bleeding lube even after being gasoline washed twice. As such there are places the cerakote would not adhere.

Link to item below. Get 'em while you can!!!

Warning, the picture is not in RAL8000.
@HK4evr would you post a pic of the RAL8000 version?
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I hate this website. I've spent $1200 in two days because of you plp.
Here is a pic of the RAL Dust covers "small+large" on my RAL gun(s):

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Received mine today, here it is compared to my recently cerakoted steel dust cover. Those little C clamps are a bear to deal with, they should give you more than one in a dust cover kit. I used both it and the roll pin to secure the cover and axle. (and yes, I know that the axle is not installed in the pics.)

Here it is installed on the upper for which I purchased it.

I like the cerakoted steel one but there is the blemish on it from where the oil was bleeding and it would not take the cerakote.

I am psyched, thanks HKParts!!!
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Is that upper done in burnt bronze?
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