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First I would like to say thanks to all the great members here that have posted and given very detailed and important information in our quest for a special pistol. And that pistol is the Zenith Z-5RS.

I'm not a marksmen, pro-shooter or anything like that. I'm just a guy living out in the AZ desert that likes firearms.
I was so excited to test and fire the 5RS but in my haste I forgot my steel target, oh well at least my wife had the camera
and have included some photos below.

I used over 300rds. of 124gr brass case steel bullet ball ammo. The pistol was pretty oil/wet from the factory so we shot it as is.
Some new guns are greased down but not this one.

I loaded all magazines to the 30rd max and happy to say.....not one problem what so ever. We fired slow single shots, double taps, triple taps and multiple magazine dumps. All magazines locked up tight with no wiggle. Trigger is positive and has a different feel to it like maybe a deep sounding klunk? My wife had no problem operating the 5RS and remarked "I like the balance"

I plan to keep the 5RS as is except now I need to buy a lot more ammo.
A very nice pistol indeed.

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Very Nice! Just picked one up meeself. Havent taken it to the range yet but am very impressed with the build quality. Interestingly, mine was pretty dry from the factory, especially the bolt/carrier. Gave it an initial clean & lube & she's pretty damn smooth now.
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