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RE: And Another HK-41 Sante Fe

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RE: And Another HK-41 Sante Fe

Not mine/no affiliation. This one looks a lot rougher than the other one that's listed. Thoughts??
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Not an HK41, but a G3 (7/62)--- the bolt carrier is correctly dated (guessing that the bolt head is marked "HK 7/62")--- the rarity is the metal forearm/bipod--- 21HK will probably comment!!! :biggrin:

Good eye Tony. Thanks for the correction. My bad.
No problem--- thanks for the heads up!!! :biggrin:

No MK prefix on this 7/62 marked gun:
Post 6 of that thread has one that is a few numbers lower.
I'm no expert (I'm sure AGG will chime in), but weren't there a couple, three, or four import / date batches of these G3 marked guns, each one with different variations?
You beat me to it--- "MK" for 3/62 and 11/62--- "HK" for 7/62!!! :biggrin:

This looks like a forgery. A pretty good forgery, but nonetheless...

The receiver markings are incorrect for the '62 G3's, as there should be an 'MK' designator preceding the serial number.

Also, a July gun would be exceedingly rare, as all I've seen were from March or September. Perhaps I haven't seen them all, yet.

The trigger housing may be correctly done, (no Pasadena mention) but the deactivated sear lever is missing. It appears to have many more miles on it than the rest of the rifle.

My guess is it is a remarked offshore early G3, with an original trigger housing set free from a registered NFA conversion some time in the past.

Appears correct--- even the ejector lever (and bolt head/bolt carrier/locking piece/lower/stock) have the same last 3 digits of the serial number!!! :biggrin:

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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