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Hey guys, I stay out of this section cause I don't know much about HK long guns but thought I'd share with you something I saw in Barnes and Noble today.

Issue 01/Premiere of RECOIL magazine asks the questions is the HK MR556A1 the best AR ever. It's actually the featurette of the first issue of this magazine. The magazine is beautiful and the MR556A1 porn in here is unbelievable. There is actually a section in which they pit the MR556A1 against the HK416, noting the only two differences is the HK416 capability for full auto and that some MR556A1 parts are manufactured in the USA... The website for the mag is RECOILWEB.COM. I tried to upload a pic of the cover but I can only go through imageshack. So just wanted to give you HK rifle guys a heads up. Hopefully I'm not repeating another thread and you guys can get your hands on one of these mags.

Edit: Got pics up... Pick up this magazine, it's the "HK" of gun mags.

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I bought it the second I saw the books a million man putting it out. I really like it. It's like fhm or maxim for guys that prefer guns over porn. Had some interesting articles in it. Including a comparison between the MR556 and the HK416. Pick it up. It's pricy but I think worth it. May just have to subscribe.
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