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Recommendation for handgun lubrication

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I receive questions often regarding how to properly lubricate H&K pistols and I often see recommendations on HK Pro that go from one extreme to another. I've found that some people lack the experience, have been taught incorrectly or simply fail to read the owners manual that is provided with their weapons.

For those looking for the general recommendation from Heckler and Koch Armorer pistol training, here it is:

Non-metallic surfaces (polymer): No lubrication; surface should be dry and not slippery to the touch.

Metallic surfaces (Bore, chamber, firing pin assembly, magazine, slide, barrel interior/exterior, etc): Light lubrication; finger runs across surfaces and yields little to no lubrication.

CAUTION: Avoid excessive lubrication in areas that come in contact with ammunition such as the face of the slide, firing pin assembly, magazine, etc. (especially with lubricants that boast their ability to "penetrate metal") This can lead to deadened primers.
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James, what's the purpose of chamber and bore lubrication on a regular use (say, live fire practice once to twice a week) pistol?
James, what's the purpose of chamber and bore lubrication on a regular use (say, live fire practice once to twice a week) pistol?
Lubricate the barrel inside and out to prevent rust.
Lubrication is part of the cleaning process. Just as a firearm is not self-shooting, it is not self-cleaning.
If you are concerned about lubrication in the barrel when you shoot, then you are probably applying too much lubrication. If you're still concerned, run a patch through the barrel before you begin your range session.
I usually run a boresnake though a couple times after I lube the barrel.

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And for God sake...NEVER use Frog Lube!
Good one James!
The Operator Manual clearly states what, where, and how to lube/clean and so much more about the weapon.
Shame so many owner just put it away without reading it cover to cover and understanding its contents.
Grease, lightly spread on parts that rub. Oil lightly on the rest of inside to prevent rust including bore. I use Bullfrog grease and EEZOX oil
Hmmm. I always thought it was better to leave the firing pin assembly and firing pin chamber as bone dry as possible. Some manufacturers even suggest it. Guess it couldn't hurt to use a drop of oil on the assembly and spread it around with a q-tip to the point where it's not even noticeable...maybe keeping the oil away from the pin itself.
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