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I'm checking all over with suppliers, forum members, gunsmiths and others to try and find a little part...or find out if someone knows where to find a similar part

i'm missing a little retaining clip for my Merkel Sr1... it's a shared part with hk slb2000s and possibly their m320 grenade launcher

(if you want to see where the part goes...this manual shows the part on page 16 identified as Part 15 SL-Sicherung 986551)

the clip looks like the ones at this page Retaining Flat Metal Spring Steel Clips - Buy Metal Spring Clip,Spring Clip,Retaining Spring Clips Product on

It's sort of a self-retaining flat metal u clip.

i've also got emails in to a ton of guns shops here and in germany looking for the damn things.

I've got a couple of ideas for replacement parts (standard e-clips won't work because they won't retain the part it has to retain...od is too small). fastenal and grainger don't show a similar part in their catalogs. Haven't found them at the local hardware stores either.
Today I'm going to check some other sorts of clips that might work (cycle chain master link retaining clip, etc). Othersise I may look at trying to fab one

if anyone knows where to find clips like this, let me know.
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