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Reset Reset Reset P2000Sk V1 LEM / HK45C V1 ???

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I have this new P2000SK V1 LEM while I really like the trigger setup I have been having choking problems with the reset it seems I am not letting the trigger out far enough to reset itself this has happened several times during our practical action league recently.
I am accustomed to shooting my HK45C V1 (it's reset definitely seems shorter to me) how much better ( shorter ) can the reset on the P2SK be after some GG RRCP magic? I have been considering changing the 45C over to LEM but I do not want a longer reset on it as a result how does the 45C LEM reset compare to the P2SK LEM reset?

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HK45C LEM reset is shorter than P2000SK LEM reset and about same that V1 reset.

For P2000SK you can use heavy trigger return spring. It gives very positive reset. I use it in my P2000SK, with all other springs on light side. My trigger weights some 5.5-6lbs.
If it's legal in your league, install an overtravel set screw like the tactical guns.
Yes, that 45c has a shorter reset and the 'P' series reset is measured in feet, not inches. Try to dedicate to one pistol and the problem with "short stroking" will go away.
Thanks for the responses everyone, I know I have a lot of questions, specifically :
1. I would like to know how significant of a reduction can be expected on my P2000SK LEM with some work by Gray Guns?
2. If I were to change my HK45C over to an LEM what it's reset would be like compared to the P2SK?
3. Also if ( the P2SK and HK45C ) were worked by GGI how it would they compare to the 45C V1 reset?
4. Do all LEM variant pistols have a longer reset than my HK45C V1?

Thanks again GOTURBACK
I'd work on technique rather then throw money at the problem. You never know when you are going to have to pick up a pistol not tuned to your particular idiosyncrasies. We'd all hate for you to experience an issue because you spent so much time training with a "perfect" trigger.

You might want to call Grey Guns for more specific answers. Would seem a little odd for us with experience with grey guns to provide answers they may not support, right?
2. If I were to change my HK45C over to an LEM what it's reset would be like compared to the P2SK?
4. Do all LEM variant pistols have a longer reset than my HK45C V1?
2. Shorter
4. Not all. LEM have usually same reset that SA/DA in given pistol. Only P2000/P2000SK/P30(L)(S) series trigger has generally longer reset than USP/USPc/45/45C series (P30(L)S have longest reset).
RHINOWSO posted some videos of the reset of his HK45C, P30, and P2000SK -- all of which are LEM with Grayguns work -- in this thread:

What can be achieved with each gun will vary, but that should at least give you an idea. Once I manage to pick up a backup P30 and I get my HK45C converted to LEM, I'll try to get some reset comparison photos vs. my Grayguns P30L and HK45. For now, suffice to say that I'm very happy with the Grayguns work on my pistols.

I'll also try to remember to get some reset data on my HK45C before/after the LEM conversion, but everything I've heard is inline with what others have said, the DA/SA and LEM variants have extremely similar reset, the differences are seen when you compare the P2000/P30 series to the USP/HK45 series.
I tried to view rhino's videos of the various reset distances but my pc would not open them, I know I have to get more trigger time with the P2SK and the LEM trigger, I do like it and was thinking of changing the 45C to LEM as I do find switching from one to the other during a range session challenging.
Might want to try installing the latest version of QuickTime, looks like that's the plugin that's handling those videos for me.

I agree that it'd be a good idea to go all LEM if you like it, it's always good to have consistency in operation. Makes it much more likely things will go smoothly operating the gun if you ever have to do so in a stressful situation.
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