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Hello everyone,

I am in need of what seems to be the unicorn of holsters. What I am looking for is a left handed retention holster for my USP 45. What I was hoping for is a Safariland ALS holster but their website is not helpful and does not list one available for the USP 45. I was told by someone that the Safariland Model 6360 - 91-132 which is labled for the USP 9/40 would also fit the USP 45. So I ordered it and as it turns out it will not fit the USP 45 even with the retention screw fully backed out.

So essentially what I need is a Safariland model number (if one exists) for a left hand ALS for my USP45 or another idea/option for another brand of retention holster. It can not be a Blackhawk holster because no one will allow it at their training classes anymore.

I also have the left handed model number 6360 - 91-132 for sale if anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.
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