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Ive noticed a total lack of holsters available for HK's with lights, which presented an issue for my entry side arm. Safariland has a few options as long as you are on the same program as some big department. That doesn't do much for you if you run a standard double action single action set up. I carry blade tech holsters off duty and decided to go with their drop holster. I really like the UCH, and Im not sure why I was a little uneasy about ordering the tac holster, but I wondered if t would be the same quality as other more mainstream holsters.

Got to try it out today, and Im very pleased. First off, the quality of the buckles, the straps and stitching is heavy duty and top notch. The laminate construction is plenty sturdy, as is the hood and the release device. My only complaint is with security. The hood releases from the thumb latch and automatically rotates forward. This makes the draw much much faster than a safariland. The problem is that its also easier to disengage and get the weapon away from the holster by an attacker. Bladetech is currently working on a hood release block so that someone cant release the switch from the front, at that point I feel it will be totally duty ready.

The holster is stable and high quality, Id definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a light bearing drop holster. They make it to fit the UTL, as well as some other rail adapters and lights.


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