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hi all....

i'm moving to RI in a couple weeks for work. what are the laws regarding keeping and buying guns in RI? i searched online and found that there's no requirement for permits other than concealed carry. i definitely want to get a Colt M4 and M110, as well as a Remington 870, MR223 and Mauser 98k. i want to do this in RI partly because i don't have a NYC rifle permit and partly because at least now i'm planning on staying in RI for the foreseeable future. these are the questions i can think of right now, any info would be helpful!

what are the rules for storing guns?
do they need to be locked up in a safe?
will a trigger lock suffice?

are there any special requirements for storing ammo?
normally i just keep them in surplus ammo cans in NY, is that enough for RI?
in terms of hunting are there 5-rd rules for magazines?
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