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Omega Match System expired a year or so ago. A fellow here on this forum was running it. I bought a match weight and RMR mount for my USP Elite from him. Amazon sells a "blank" mount you can have milled to fit whatever weapon. Other places sell them also with extended order times. Search for "Trijicon RM62 RMR Steel Block Mount Custom Shaping" - just checked there and there is one for sale at $78 at Amazon. I bought one about three month ago and had Mark Housel of L&M Precision Gunworks do the milling and mounting on a Elite 9mm slide. Excellent work by Mark. He also mounted the mount I bought from Omega on my Elite 45 slide.
Mark Housel
[email protected]
L&M Precision Gunworks
Lakeview, NC 28350
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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