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RTB import P7M8

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Could someone tell me the history behind the RTB imported P7M8. Thanks
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You might want to track down "RTB" at whatever city and state is listed on the P7
I believe they were a company out of Miami, FL that imported without HK's approval in the late 80's to 90's. Not sure on the exact dates, but I have read that HK shut them down and that they woud not service any RTB imports. I don't know if that holds much weight. I know there is more M8 and M13s with the RTB import stamp. I have a clean KA dated RTB P7 just to give you a reference on the dates. I'm also interested in more information, so anyone please chime in if they know more!

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Check this thread out. It talks a little about the RTB imported P7 as a side note....hope it sheds some light for ya!
I also heard that they did the chrome jobs on M8s and M13s in Germany then imported them here.
I have an RTB Chromed P7M8. I have seen tons of rumors about these pistols but nothing definitive and I have googled this topic till my fingers bled.
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